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Contractor Accreditation Program

The Lantrak's Contractor Accreditation Program is an initiative designed to provide an exceptional level of service to customers and set an industry benchmark previously unseen in the market place.

Our accreditation program is not just about the equipment. Lantrak has designed its accreditation program to recognise and reward contractors for their loyalty, high standard of service and ability to stand out from the rest. How this translates to our customers is a dependable and consistent level of service delivery that leads the industry.

We believe that our accreditation program will help to build strong relationships between Lantrak and its customers. Allowing contractors to carry the Lantrak name on their vehicles means recognising them as public ambassadors of Lantrak. In order to maintain standards, the criteria for appointing accredited contractors requires that strict guidelines are adhered to by accredited contractors and an ongoing review process to ensure service levels are maintained.

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