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Clean Fill Wanted

If you need Clean Fill, dirt or soil, there is no need to place a CLEAN FILL WANTED listing on any other website!

Lantrak are always on the lookout for new clean fill wanted opportunities. If you have a dam you need filled, or a site leveled, or even fill to complete your backyard (behind a retaining wall etc), let Lantrak help manage the process for you from start to finish.

We have been managing Clean Fill Wanted needs for over 50 years, and offer the complete service to complete your project at the lowest possible price to you, sometimes even for FREE!

We are a No-Nonsense service, with Tip Trucks on the road each day, moving over 10,000,000 cubic meters of material each year, we can supply from 10m3 (minimum) right up to 1,000's of cubic meters. Lantrak can help you obtain Clean Fill to suit your specific requirements. We can supply Structural Fill such as Mudstone and Clay's to Non-Descript materials (dirt and sandy loam mixed loads).

Lantrak has designed alternative methods of turning unsuitable land into a viable commodity, approaching remediation with a bias towards unlocking asset value. Lantrak specialise in difficult projects. As one of the largest clean fill (soil, clay, dirt) handlers in Melbourne Victoria and Brisbane / Gold Coast Queensland, Lantrak has the in-house knowledge to obtain approvals for all forms of land use or development (if required).

From start to finish, we will liaise with you about your desired outcome, ensuring that you get the result you want. Lantrak can provide full site supervision for larger scale projects, monitoring and registering all loads for clean fill disposed of in accordance with legislation. We can also provide the plant (heavy equipment) to move and compact the material to level the site as needed. Our service even includes looking for suitable fill to complete your project as fast as possible!   Handling over 10 Million Cubic Meters (m3) of material each year, you can rest assured we will have the right fill material to complete your project.

With a proven record of meeting strict geo-technical standards in the construction and capping of landfill projects, and we are experts at managing erosion, sediment and salinity issues in large-scale landscaping works.

Want to know more about clean fill, or even to know what clean fill is, Click Here.

Areas that Lantrak can provide clean fill solutions;
- Greater Melbourne
- Geelong
- Brisbane
- Gold Coast

Minimum quantities apply due to the transportation of material occurring in Commercial Tip Trucks with 10m3 or 22m3 capacity, Lantrak require that at least 10m3 (cubic metres) of material be accepted as a minimum quantity.

Please be understanding that any fill solution Lantrak provide is based on the availability of the material we are transporting. This is directly related to the type of projects being undertaken by our customers, and as such, we can only look to provide the material types that these projects are providing to the marketplace.
There will be times when a desired material cannot be sourced and provided, Lantrak apologise in advance should a material not be available for possible supply.

To advise us of your Clean Fill requirements, please 
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