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Environmental Assurance

As a Environmental Approved AS/NZS ISO 14001 company, Lantrak is committed to maintaining a high standard of environmental care through our activities whilst ensuring that all employees and contractors are aware of their role in protecting our environment for future generations. Lantrak has developed responsible and achievable environmental management strategies which will minimise the impact of our work on the environment.

Our environmental commitment ensures that Lantrak are on a path of continuous environmental improvement through ensuring our activities:

  • Meet or exceed all license, permit and approval requirements
  • Promote respect for cultural and community values
  • Foster a positive environmental management culture
  • Encourage ethical work practices which aim to improve the long term environmental values of work sites
  • Provide environmental awareness training for our personnel on environmental issues

Our environmental management strategies include:

  • End to end trace ability of material
  • Recording, investigating and learning from environmental incidents and near misses
  • Undertaking trials of new procedures and practices, where appropriate
  • Sourcing current best practice information and advice
  • Monitoring a range of environmental factors to provide timely feedback on environmental performance against targets
  • Engaging with stakeholders, customers and the community to ensure timely responses to shifting attitudes and expectations
  • Regular review of our Management Systems and Environmental Management Plans to ensure they remain up to date, relevant and have been implemented properly

Our management commit towards a sustainable future through all our operations that reaches a balance between environmental, economic and social objectives.

Environmental Policy

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