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Land Rehabilitation

No two land rehabilitation projects are identical, Lantrak has met every conceivable challenge over our extensive history. We can provide expert solutions to water disposal, ground-water and soil decontamination, construction and demolition waste, land filling and alternative fill supply.

Lantrak has designed alternative methods of turning unsuitable land into a viable commodity, approaching remediation with a bias towards unlocking asset value. Lantrak specialises in difficult projects. As the largest soil brokerage agency in Australia, Lantrak has the in-house knowledge to obtain approvals for all forms of land use or development.

Lantrak has a proven record of meeting strict geo-technical standards in the construction and capping of landfill projects, and is expert at managing erosion, sediment and salinity issues in large-scale landscaping works.

By employing progressive landfill compaction and waste recycling techniques, Lantrak can reduce the need for constructing further landfill cells.

With experience in conducting feasibility studies for landfill, industrial, residential and manufacturing sites across Australia, Lantrak has reclamation experience and re-use technologies to find a solution, where, often, others cannot.

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