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National Contractor Network

Lantrak's National Contractor Network provides unlimited work opportunities to contractors and owners of equipment nation-wide. By simply registering with one network, contractors are joining a group of companies collaboratively working to provide a diversity of projects located in major towns through to remote areas of Australia - from short-term work to long-term interstate projects.

Contractors have been proud to work on the following major infrastructure projects with Lantrak:

  • Gateway Duplication, QLD
  • Sugarloaf Pipeline, VIC
  • Victorian Desalination Pipeline, VIC
  • Peninsula Link, VIC
  • Ipswich Motorway Upgrade, QLD

The National Contractor Network provides Contractors with top industry rates, guaranteed payment and the backing of a dedicated support team.

Click here to register as an owner of trucks and equipment with the National Contractor Network, or call (03) 8796 9611 to speak to our National Contractor Manager about upcoming work opportunities.

Click here to view Lantrak's 'Terms of Engagement Deed' of which all independent contractors must supply a signed copy as part of the registration process.

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