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What is Clean Fill?

Clean fill is earthen material that is free from grass, rubble and construction materials. Typically clean fill is material that is dug out for export from construction sites, commercial, industrial and residential sites alike.

Usually clean fill is a subsoil material (taken from below the top soil or crust) and has little organic matter and as such does not decompose, which creates pockets of empty space resulting in unsettling and depressions in the fill after leveling.

A typical use for clean fill is to fill, or raise the height of a low lying construction site to help in the construction of building a strong foundation. Clean fill is also used for the leveling of unusable land such as on a hill-side, or to fill an old swimming pool or dam.

Please be understanding that any clean fill solution Lantrak provide is based on the availability of the material we are transporting. This is directly related to the type of projects being undertaken by our customers, and as such, we can only look to provide the material types that these projects are providing to the marketplace.

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