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Keperra Decomposed Granite Supplies

Lantrak's Keperra Decomposed Granite or "Deco" as it's commonly known as, is the ideal material for use in decorative and functional driveways and paths. Keperra Granite is both durable and aesthetically appealing. In addition to its exceptional drainage properties, there's just something charmingly rustic about the look and sound of gravel underfoot on a path or driveway.

Acquisition of the Keperra Quarry Project bolsters Lantrak's ability to provide 'direct from the source' materials to our clients, offering quality products at competitive rates. Rock quarrying is a multistage process by which boulders are extracted from the ground and crushed to produce smaller size rock in stages, which are screened into sizes required for immediate use, or further processed into smaller product, right down to fine deco product.

The Keperra Quarry is one of the only quarries in Southern Queensland that can supply deco granite. Having recently introduced an 'Online Store' that shows a range of material and product listings in an easy-to-navigate format. All of our Keperra Granite products are listed online, allowing you to view and compare product sizes and pricing.

Ideal for driveways is our;

6mm Minus Keperra Granite Deco hdesk  20mm Minus Keperra Granite Deco

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